Tuesday, March 1, 2022

20th Anniversary Edition Update 1: Features

What inLeague Does


       We began work on the 20th Anniversary Edition of inLeague in the Spring of 2020 with several goals in mind:

  • Mobile & Browser Unification: We wanted a single, mobile-focused but desktop-capable experience such that any feature available in one could be made available in the other without additional development.
  • Modern Development Tools: We wanted to leverage advances in modern, front-end languages and tooling that would enable inLeague to support the kinds of features and user experience everyone expects in 2022 while retaining all of the "under the hood" business and database rules that are the engine of our application,
  • Doing What We Do Best: We wanted to re-imagine player and volunteer registration to take advantage of everything we've learned about league management since we began building software for youth soccer in 2002,
  • AYSO National / Stack Sports Integration: We invested hundreds of hours of development work with the teams at Stack Sports and eTrainU to integrate our system with the new association management platform in use by the AYSO National office.
20th Anniversary Edition - Registration Configuration
20th Anniversary Edition: Registration Configuration

    Some of the features of our 20th Anniversary Edition:
  • Brand New Player & Volunteer Registration: From-scratch player registration system engineered to support multiple, overlapping soccer programs with eligibility based on individual invitations, player name & DOB (for new players who do not yet exist in the system) or customized eligibility rules
  • New User / Family Experience: Streamlined the New User Experience with better validation and hand-holding for critical volunteer fields like name and DOB
  • Calendar-based Background Checks: No more Membership Year background checks; all background checks initiated for Fall 2022 registration or later are good for 15 months.
  • Instant Sign-On to eTrainU: No more syncing credentials with AYSOU; volunteers logged into inLeague can access eTrainU directly from the inLeague portal.
  • Better Support for Area, Section, and National Staff: Full visibility for Area, Section, and National staff into all inLeague player and volunteer records from MY2021 on 
  • Improved Certification Sync: Instant updates to volunteer certifications from the Affinity Association Management platform
  • Safesport & CA Mandated Fingerprinting: These have been added to our certificate store and are now supported by our reporting engine.
  • Re-written Payment Engine: Registration and Event payments will now use Stripe Invoices, with support for multiple line items per invoice rolled out over time

Last But Not Least: 3rd Party API Integration

    The foundation for all of the development over the last two years is our commitment to developing open, accessible, industry-standard solutions. In other words: when we write code to pull a roster, or add a player to a family, or invite a player to pay an invoice, it's exposed via our API and can be used by any of our leagues for their own applications without even downloading or logging into inLeague.

    Our API is documented according to the OpenAPI specification and is updated regularly. Our leagues are already using it for reporting and registration flow. 

The Road Ahead

Beta: Late March 2022

    We will be reaching out to our league administrators and registrars in the second half of March to organize access to our demo instance for a preview of registration and configuration preparation for Fall 2022.

Development Roadmap

    The Spring 2022 release of the 20th Anniversary Edition (for Fall 2022 registration) is only the beginning: we'll be releasing updates to our new platform every month or two until we've migrated every function from the legacy version. 

    We'll be working on team assignments, team rosters, and event signups and payments for our first major update in advance of the Fall season. We'll also be updating our documentation and conducting training for all of our leagues.

    Thank you for your continued support as we look forward to the biggest milestone in the history of our software!

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