Monday, July 25, 2016

Birth Certificate Processors

While we are waiting on AYSO National for our larger, Summer update, we've released a small utility to assist with birth certificate processing as well an access level to go with it.

Birth Certificate admin will have access (along with registrars and webmasters) to the birth certificate tool now available from the 'Players' menu. This tool will show all players on file who meet the following criteria:

- The 'birth certificate' field on their player/child record is 0
- They have an active registration within the last two years from today's date

Birth certificate admin can select one or more of these players to process, and the system will set this field to 1 and log the change -- the person who processed it, the date, and the time.

Note that birth certificate admin cannot access the player editor and they cannot "reverse" this process (i.e. they cannot set someone who already has a birth certificate recorded back to 0).

There is an option for an email confirmation that sends a short email to parent 1 and parent 2 (if present) indicating the receipt of the birth certificate. The context of that email may be edited by a webmaster from 'edit page content' on the birth certificate tool.

Note that the new access level (birth certificate administrator) will be query-able from the report center within the next day or so, but it is not currently in the Authorizations Center. The auth center is getting a re-write later this year and will be updated at that time along with some new functionality.

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